First Groom
Proper grooming is imperative to your dog's health and mental well being.  Caring for your dogs coat, skin, nails and ears is an essential part of making your dog comfortable and happy.  Because this is an ongoing part of your dog's life, we feel it is important to begin early and introduce your pet to the fundamentals of good grooming while they are young and receptive. 
This is why we offer a special introductory basic groom for dogs under 4 1/2 months of age .
In an effort to make the experience at the pet spa as positive as possible, we feel it is imperative that this process begin early. We hope to build a solid relationship with you and your pet from the very beginning. 
We like to start the pup when it is young. We take the time to introduce them to the tools and process that goes along with proper coat care and maintenance.  
Because each puppy is different and we are not an assembly line style grooming spa, this first groom may take a little longer so we can give the dog adequate time to acclimate and get comfortable with his surroundings.  The primary purpose of this appointment is to build a relationship and set up good, basic fundamentals to last your pet a lifetime.  We also want to be able to answer any questions you might have about the frequency of grooms, your desires regarding style and what it takes to achieve the look you will ultimately want. 

Your puppy's first groom will be a bath, blowdry and brush out.  Ears will be cleaned and nails trimmed.  If appropriate there might be some light trimming or styling. Please be sure to discuss your ideas with your groomer.
Again, the main idea of this first session is to introduce the pup to being handled, getting in and out of the bath tub, experiencing the blowdryer and if appropriate to the breed - the clippers.
Each groom is catered to your puppy, it's breed and coat style and your expectations.  All of these things can be discussed with your groomer prior to the appointment. 

We look forward to helping your dog build a positive experience that will last a lifetime.